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bioBURN - Fat Burner by Global Formulas

Order bioBURN today - start seeing results FAST

BioBURN is for anyone looking to improve the process of losing weight. BioBURN will enhance the intensity of your short and long cardio workouts - you will not have to worry about seeing results.BioBURN will trigger your fat burning process - giving you an edge in all your cardiovascular & endurance activities.

BioBurn - How does it Work?

Here's what the majority of the people doesn't know - the first 25 minutes of your Cardio Workout, your body is in an anaerobic state which is burning the store glycogen. During those 25 minutes of your workout - the Krebs Cycle is initiated and your body switches to fat for energy, therefore making every minute count. BioBurn - an ultra potent Pyruvic Acid/Carnitine formula. Each scoop is designed with the right amount of dosage of each ingredient to activate the RIGHT FAT burning process.

BioBurn - Why Prefered over similar products?

The fat burning process can only be triggered with the right dosage of each of its ingredients - for example, 2,012 mg of Potassium & 5,000 mg of Pyruvic Acid (on each scoope). If you were to take these ingredients individually you'll have to purchase more than 20+ different products - therefore making you waste money and time.

Directions for use - mix one scoop in 8oz of water, and take it 20 minutes before your workout. Get ready to see results.

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