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Heat (Accelerated) 120 Capsules

0.40 LBS
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Product Description

Magnum Heat™ combines 22 fat-incinerating ingredients to create the optimal environment to eliminate fat. Infusing thermogenic agents and natural stimulants, Magnum Heat™ raises the body's core temperature, melting fat stores.

Magnum Heat™ also contains a blend of Adaptogens to support the body's rapid fat reduction and physical transformation. Adaptogens are anti-oxidants that balance endocrine hormones and the immune system, help the body cope with stress and maintain optimal homeostasis. Magnum Heat™ will help you attain the body you desire.

Fat burners are created for anyone trying to decrease body fat. They often have ingredients designed to enhance your metabolism and to burn up stored fat. A fat burner can assist you greatly in getting into better shape and to motivate you with quickly noticeable results.

  • The thermogenic effect (increased body temp.) is noticeable quickly (during exercise - you feel very hot)
  • It has only natural stimulants so you won't get jitters or anxiety
  • There are 6 Adaptogens to balance your system so you don't feel "off" or imbalanced
  • You will burn fat without losing muscle mass
  • There is no yo-yo effect (you wont put the weight right back on)
  • It is ephedrine free

Designed For Anyone Who:

  • Is wanting to lose fat - not just lose weight
  • Is looking for a more aesthetically pleasing body
  • Is a bodybuilder or fitness competitor

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